Triumphant  Ministries Toowoomba  aims to open the eyes of the blind and to turn those from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to Yahweh God in order that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those being sanctified by faith. ACTS 26:18

Triumphant Ministries is a teaching and equipping ministry in the power and Spirit of Elijah to  proclaim repentance and deliverance from sin for those who are knowingly and unknowingly bound and deceived in darkness to come into light via its books, teachings and prayer strategies.  LUKE 1:75-79  GALATIANS 1:15-16

The Ministry ministers via books and  teachings with prayer strategies for repentance, reconciliation and restoration  so as to enable the body of Christ Jesus to get beyond specific bondage’s and blockages that they overcome to walk in the ways of The Kingdom.

The Ministry gives keys in several areas:

How to Overcome Rejection

How to Overcome Offense

How to Overcome in Demonic Affliction

How to Overcome and Understand Homosexuality

How to Overcoming While Waiting For your Vision to come to Pass

How to Discern False Signs and Wonders in the churches today

How to Exercise Power and Authority to Cast out Demons

How To Walk In The Spirit – “Did You Just pass an Opportunity to Minister in the gifts of The Spirit”

An A to Z list with brief descriptions for Renouncing Occult Practices and those of the forefathers

Counsel and teaching to understand Why you Have Had Enough of Christianity and  Church

And a teaching on “Finances … the hidden Sins that spoil the Vine” so as to free your finances from curses

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